The Engine of Destruction

I'm not one for writing much, so I thought I would try something new and create a blog post where the photos say more than the words.
The idea was to create a comic using photography instead of drawings... It was harder than I thought it would be, but the people who agreed to be a part of it were awesome to work with.
I hope you enjoy it!

The Engine of Destruction

Did she deserve this? A young and innocent girl.
Away from home, high in the hills and enjoying the summer sun.
She hears a terrible noise, feels a blazing hot wind at her back.

As a small and naive girl with no way to help, she watches alone
as everything she knows and loves is consumed by fury and violence.
Then she runs and hides as, its payload unleashed, the engine of destruction disappears into the night.

Made an orphan and a refugee, she travels far and wide looking for help and a new home.
She comes up against walls, blockades and imposing, dark structures.
With neither money nor skills, she is not welcome.

Is knowledge power?
Fortunate to have been taught to read and write, she searches for an answer.
Yet the hunt for truth is formidable.
Written knowledge is a commodity she can ill afford and what she does find brings more questions and expands her self-doubt.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Her quest to find a place to belong, forces her to ask for favours from those she would normally avoid.

Despite her inner nagging doubt, she is drawn in by hollow words, false smiles and twisted facts.

She was promised safe passage, food and maybe some warmth.
Although it came a a great cost.
Her desperation attracted greed, which helps only itself.
You see, that's how the rich get richer, while the rest of us lose.

For many, this is where the story ends.
Extorted, used, then pushed aside and left to die; this is how the story ends for many.
Some, like this one, find a way to fight back. She lashes out, reclaims her soul and escapes while the demon is stunned.

Still not safe and back to square one, she wanders the wilderness lost and alone.
She has nowhere to go and no place to call a home.

What is it they say; once burned, twice shy?
Being bullied and abused makes everyone cold and suspicious;
so, when real help comes along, we are less likely to accept it.

She takes a brave first step.
Choking back her pride and her fear,
she reached out her hand, and to her surprise,
he pulled her to her feet, up out of the dirt.

Upon seeing her plight, her desperate need, he took it upon himself to train her,
to help her and teach her what she needed to know.
With no other options and all other paths closed to her, she followed and listened and took it all in without question.

"Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man"
This rings true here, for she is still very young and has strong reasons to learn.
Her training takes her far from where she once was, she learns what she needs to fight back, to destroy.

She is quick to study, she has passion and dedication.
After many months of intense training she stops learning and starts winning.

Full of confidence and defiance, she returns to where it all ended and began.
She screams out her pain in a challenge to the sky.

That may have been a mistake...

For many, this is where the story must end.
No matter how much you learn, no matter how hard you train,
a sword and a shield must shatter and break
when pitted against so much power, violence and hate.

She is one of the few with an unbreakable will.
She cheats death, stands up tall and does not run away.

She plants her feet, stares her death in the face and refuses to yield.
Win or lose, this battle is one she knows she must fight.

She is skilled and her resolve is firm, the battle still is not easy.
The odds are stacked high against her, she barely holds on.

Despite unstoppable power and might, she needs only once chance.
Overconfident and arrogant, it's aggression brings it in close,
with it's guard down low she swings and commits to the kill.

She still doesn't know why it did what it did, but it no longer matters.
It's last breath released, the mountain scorched red and black.
The once mighty and deadly Engine of Destruction now lies dead at her feet.

The Little Warrior - Jordana Brackenbury
The Demonic Doorman - Low Low
The Daemonette - Lollilane Cosnerd
The Warrior - Kyle Simpson

Shoot Locations
Deals with the Demon - Foxglove bar, Wellington
Dragon Battle - Brooklyn Wind Turbine
Training for Battle - Truby King Park
Studying and Reading - Pegasus Books

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